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  • Freetown Part Chartering

    Freetown Part Chartering

    Shanghai to Freetown part charter 449 pkgs / 2251 ton / 4006cbm Unit Weight up to 57.4 ton

  • Transportation for New Cement Factory Components

    Transportation for New Cement Factory Components

    Cargo Overview: Total Volume: 21,000 CBM, sourced from four distinct vendors in China.Maximum Unit Weight: 55 tons.GSL’s Key Responsibilities: Vendor Coordination: Proactively liaise with vendors to ascertain cargo readiness dates.Cargo Segmentation: Divide the cargo into two categories: Vessel Allocation:Dedicate one vessel exclusively for the transportation of all heavy lift cargo.Distribute the remaining cargo across four…

  • Tunnel Boring Machine

    Tunnel Boring Machine

    Chartering from Tianjin to Algiers BB cargo 4254CBM plus 19×40’SOC Unit weight up to 155ton

  • RoRo Transformer

    RoRo Transformer

    Transformer Load on MAFI Shanghai to Barcelona Transformer Main Body Weight 108 ton Vessel side combine crane loading on MAFI

  • RoRo to Santos

    RoRo to Santos

    Tianjin to Santos Cargo unit weight up to 78ton

  • RoRo Huangshi to Antwerp

    RoRo Huangshi to Antwerp

    Experience Seamless Shipping with Our Premium Service 🚢 Shipment Details: 📦 Cargo Specifications: Why Choose Us?

  • RoRo Chemical Machinery

    RoRo Chemical Machinery

    Sodium Chlorate Crystallizer Cargo Dimension: 13870x4680x4750mm  Cargo Weight: 37,000Kgs. GSL Job Scop: Pick up cargo from shipper’s jobsite + Ro/Ro terminal handling + Booking Space on Ro/Ro vessel. Looking for a comprehensive solution for transporting heavy industrial equipment? At GSL, we specialize in Ro-Ro (Roll-on/Roll-off) shipping of chemical machinery. Our recent project involved handling a…

  • Hybrid Airport Vehicle

    Hybrid Airport Vehicle

    Shipping hybrid conveyor belt loader vehicles for airports presents unique challenges. These electric loaders are classified as hazardous goods under the UN 3166/CLASS 9, UN 38.3, and IMO IMDG codes, which makes it difficult to secure RoRo space for them. This is especially true for vehicles with lithium-ion batteries, as there are limited slots available…

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  • Import Delivery VIA Barge & SPMT

    Import Delivery VIA Barge & SPMT

    GSL Heaviest Record 2 pieces each:17.4571 x 5.7 x 6.42M unit weight 500.07ton1 piece: 9.4753 x 5.7 x 7.1236M unit weight 263.5ton GSL responsibility: