RoRo Chemical Machinery

Sodium Chlorate Crystallizer

Cargo Dimension: 13870x4680x4750mm 

Cargo Weight: 37,000Kgs.

GSL Job Scop: Pick up cargo from shipper’s jobsite + Ro/Ro terminal handling + Booking Space on Ro/Ro vessel.

Looking for a comprehensive solution for transporting heavy industrial equipment? At GSL, we specialize in Ro-Ro (Roll-on/Roll-off) shipping of chemical machinery. Our recent project involved handling a Sodium Chlorate Crystallizer, weighing an impressive 37,000 Kgs and measuring 13870x4680x4750mm. Our expert loading and lashing procedures ensure that even the most substantial and dimensionally challenging cargo is transported safely and efficiently. Visit us to discover how our innovative Ro-Ro services can meet the demands of your next big shipment.