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  • Import Delivery VIA Barge & SPMT

    Import Delivery VIA Barge & SPMT

    GSL Heaviest Record 2 pieces each:17.4571 x 5.7 x 6.42M unit weight 500.07ton1 piece: 9.4753 x 5.7 x 7.1236M unit weight 263.5ton GSL responsibility: 

  • Export Delivery VIA Barge

    Export Delivery VIA Barge

    Unveiling our elite barge service, meticulously designed for your oversized cargo needs! We have a long history of transporting oversized cargo safely and efficiently. In 2016, we transported a massive 100-ton cargo measuring 40.4m x 6.05m x 6.5m(1,588.730 CBM). We customized a 1000 SQM tarpaulin to ensure its protection from the elements. Our dedication to…

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    GSL Project Shipment: Beyond Just Vessel Bookings In the intricate world of project shipments, the challenge often extends beyond merely securing a vessel. The complexities of pre-carriage and on-carriage can sometimes overshadow the task of vessel booking itself. At GSL, we understand these nuances. As a premier project forwarder, our services are holistic. We don’t…