Category: Container OOG/BBK

  • Excavator Transportation

    Excavator Transportation

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, securing space on Ro/Ro (Roll-on/Roll-off) vessels became challenging. To overcome this challenge, the FR (Flat Rack) option was utilized for shipping. The excavator was transported from Dalian to Africa.

  • Dalian BBK

    Dalian BBK

    Dalian to Rotterdam Cargo dimension 930cm x 430cm x 160cm Cargo unit weight 108,282 KGS Each cargo loading on 3×40’FR

  • BreakBulk Solution for Rough Terrain Cranes

    BreakBulk Solution for Rough Terrain Cranes

    Transporting cranes, especially heavyweight ones, presents unique challenges. From Shanghai to Cotonou, we excel in moving large equipment, including cranes with dimensions of 14800mm x 3400mm x 4050mm and weighing 46.82 tons. While various transportation methods exist, many aren’t suitable for oversized machinery. Our standout solution is the BreakBulk service on container vessels, ensuring not…

  • Breakbulk Cargo Medical Device

    Breakbulk Cargo Medical Device

    We offer a specialized service for transporting breakbulk cargo of medical devices. Our service includes trucking, shipping, and handling of oversized cargo that requires the width of almost three containers. We have the expertise and experence to ensure safe and timely delivery of your medical devices.

  • 20‘ Flat Rack Container

    20‘ Flat Rack Container

    Shanghai to Port Louis Cargo weight 28800KGS load on 1×20’FR We transported a 63/22KV transformer and its accessories from Shanghai to Port Louis. The transformer is both over weight and over sized. Weighed 28,800 kilograms, making it a very heavy piece of equipment. It required special handling and transportation equipment, such as flat rack containers, cranes, trailers, and trucks.…

  • 40’Flat Rack Over Width 6.42M

    40’Flat Rack Over Width 6.42M

    Qingdao to MobileExtremely wide load on 40’FR.Cargo dimension: Length 642cm x Width 642cm x Height 55cmCargo unit weight 19960kgs Ship cargo width 6.42 meters from Qingdao, China to Mobile, Alabama. The container carried a crucial component for a plant project in United States. Despite the challenges of limited space and time at the port of…

  • Your Exports in Container Out of Gauge & Break Bulk Cargo Solutions.

    Delivering oversized cargo with precision, safety, and efficiency. Since 2005 , GSL has been at the forefront of the OOG/BBK cargo industry. Our journey began with a vision to provide unparalleled service in the realm of oversized and break bulk shipping. Today, that vision stands stronger than ever. With almost two decades of expertise, we…